The birds are chirping, temperatures are rising, and you can finally order iced coffee without feeling judged.

But, before you opt for a springtime wedding, read our guide to find out what’s in season, what’s in vogue, and what to take into consideration.

The Scoop on Spring Weather

Spring weather varies dramatically in different parts of the U.S. In the south, temperatures in the 70s are a daily occurrence. But in the north, early spring can bring lots of chilly days and even snowstorms. 

Here In Missouri you hardly know what you’ll get, but the good thing is that rain on your wedding day is good luck and it will be perfect as long as you are in love no matter what.

So…to play it safe, know what weather is forecasted for your wedding day, make sure to give your out-of-town guests whatever wardrobe tips they need to be prepared, and always have a bad-weather backup plan.

Spring Holidays

Between holidays and school spring break, there are quite a few days that could cause some potential hiccups. If you plan to have your wedding over Memorial Day weekend, for example, you and your guests might encounter some serious competition for flights and hotel accommodations.

Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

  • Mother’s Day – Always a Sunday in May
  • Memorial Day – Always a Monday in May
  • Father’s Day – Always a Sunday in June
  • Palm Sunday – Typically in March or April
  • Easter – Typically in March or April
  • Passover – Typically in March or April

Hint: Save-the-dates for destination weddings typically get sent out 8–12 months in advance, while save-the-dates for local weddings can be sent out closer to 4 months in advance.

Spring Wedding Pros & Cons

There are so many pros to saying ‘I do’ in the spring—some you might not have considered!

  • Spring décor. Think pretty pastels, blooming blossoms, and fresh greenery!
  • You might get more “yes” replies because friends and family aren’t taking conflicting vacations left and right like during the carefree days of summer.
  • You could have the best of both worlds with an indoor/outdoor wedding—if the weather cooperates or you rent a pretty tent!

But, there are definitely some negatives to a spring wedding:

  • Spring weather is completely unpredictable in most areas of the U.S.—and even in some more exotic destinations!
  • Honeymoon prices could also go up due to spring break and all the folks looking to get a head start on their tan.

Spring Color Palette

Since spring is that lovely period of transition between winter and summer, you can basically get away with any color scheme. If you’re into the moody blues and grays of early spring’s sometimes stormy skies and cooler temps, go with it. But, those so-close-to-summer days of May and June are just begging for vibrant combos of yellow, coral, and other bright colors.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

You want your bridesmaids to be comfortable on your wedding day in any kind of weather, right? So depending on what you anticipate, you may need to think about a few wardrobe accessories. If rain is a possibility, consider monogrammed rain boots concealed under long bridesmaid dresses…or even clear umbrellas that aren’t just practical but make for cute photos, too. On the other hand, if your location tends to get hot, hot, hot in late spring, opt for shorter, breezier dresses and maybe some parasols to keep your girls cool all day long.

For groomsmen, you have a little more wiggle room when it comes to their springtime wedding attire. Despite the potential for rain, lighter suit jackets—or no jackets at all!—would doubtless be appreciated. Play around with khaki, rolled sleeves, suspenders, and even sneakers! And if you have the groomsmen carry the emergency umbrellas, the whole party will be ready for anything.

Working With What’s In Season

When you buy what’s in season, you get food and flowers at the peak of their supply when costs are normally lower. Plus, when they’re locally grown they don’t need to be shipped halfway around the globe. So not only do you save money, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win.

—Spring Wedding Food—

Fortunately, spring produces fresh fruits and veggies—and an opportunity to take a fresh look at what we put on our plates. Early in the season, we’re treated to leafy greens, carrots, and peas, while closer to summer we see juicy melons and tomatoes. Basically, the hearty (and heavier!) foods of winter get kicked to the curb—along with your excuses for not eating healthier. (No judgment. We’re guilty, too.)

—Spring Wedding Flowers—

April showers really do bring May flowers, so there’s no better time to give in to your floral fantasies than during your spring wedding! Here are a few of our favorite spring blooms:

  • Peonies. Is it even a spring wedding if there aren’t any peonies? We’re mostly joking, of course, but this is a classic flower that comes in endlessly flattering colors.
  • Amaranthus are those droopy, trendy, and incredibly versatile flowers you’ve been seeing so much on Pinterest. They’re the perfect complement to a spring bouquet.
  • Baby’s Breath is a tried-and-true accent to any spring wedding.
  • Ranunculus, aka the Buttercup, is brilliantly colored and totally in season.
  • Succulents are appropriate year-round, but even more so in spring!
  • Eucalyptus is essential for any greenery-obsessed bride’s bouquet.

Spring Catering Trends

Sure, it’s easy to be seduced by all of spring’s brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables, but there’s no need to limit yourselves to salads: eggs, poultry, and fish can be expertly prepared by your caterer in a lighter, seasonal dishes. Roasted veggies, mini quiches, citrus dressings, and seafood skewers are just a few of the delectable options available at this time of year.

Round out your spring wedding with desserts that showcase fruits that are in season, like many types of citrus. Fruit-flavored ice cream or sorbet is a great option…and if strawberries have made it to market, consider serving them dipped in white chocolate. Want something a bit more decadent? Indulge in yummy custards or cheesecake. The possibilities are endless—and the choice is totally up to you!

Spring Wedding Cake Trends

Ditch red velvet and dark chocolate ganache for lighter flavors like lemon, raspberry, or vanilla for both the cake and the icing. Then dress your cake up or down with fresh flowers or succulents…or forget frosting altogether and opt for a trendy “naked cake”. Your wedding cake—assuming you even have one—should be as unique as you are!

At Greenwood Springs we understand that your wedding is the moment you have been waiting for, and just like you, we want to make all the details as unique as can be. Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure your event goes just as planned.

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